Visa information

Please note the important traveling information below for our current students that will be traveling with Arena Group. 

Please ensure that your passport is valid for AT LEAST 6months AFTER the return date to South Africa. Also two free pages in passport are required.

2.2.If you are not in possesion of a valid passport please APPLY FOR ONE IMMEDIATELY.

Travel insurance is mandatory –you can not travel without it.This  is officially required by the Shengen´s Embassies. Full insurance during your sojourn in Shengen´s countries  will be provided by Tennis Arena   and will accompany visa application form.Finger print for Schengen visa you need to arrange personally.

SHENGEN VISA is required for your TOUR TO EUROPE.

The following documents are required.
A certified letter of permision from  both parents (please do not forget to write parents ID and address on it) mus be certificate by  police station  or another autority. This is highly compulsory in order for your child to undertake the tour to Europe. This letter must be in ENGLISH please.
Note that deposit is NOT refundable. 

If one parent is traveling with the child,permission is required from OTHER parent.The letter of permission must clearly state the child´s name and birth date(as well as the name and ID numbers from both parents and single parent) and also state that the writer is aware that the traveller is going to AUSTRIA,HUNGARY,SLOVAKIA AND CZECH REPUBLIC for 13 days.The letter must be in ENGLISH please.
A letter attends from student´s school CONFIRMING that she/he does in fact attend that school.This letter must be in English please.
Invitation letter                                    will be provided by Arena Group
Proof of accommodation                    -  will be provided by Arena  Group
Proof of travel insurance                    -  will be provided by Arena Group
Proof of transport in Europe             -  will be provided by  Arena Group
Visa form for Shengen Countries      -  will be provided by  Arena Group
A recent passport photos of the traveller according to the size shown/specified on each visa application form.(passport size and in colour).
Please ensure that the face in the photo is not obscured by hair (fringe)and please:do not smile at all!(No teeth visible or dark back round)

All visa applicants now have to appear in person at the consulate or a visa application centre when lodging an application to provide their fingerprints. Once the biometric data are entered in the VIS, the applicant’s details will be stored for five years and a personal visit to the consulate may be waived.
Arena Group  acts only as an agent between the passenger and the airline, hotels, local transport as a bus, train, boat or tour operator. As such, we cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, accident, delay or inconvenience caused by the principal. All airfares and /or rates quoted are subject to change, without prior notice, due to currency fluctuations, de-valuation of the Rand and fuel increases as well as restrictions set out by the carrier/supplier not adhered to on discounted airfares offered.

For safety reason students must be accompanied by an adult ,teacher or supervisor. The instructions of the head tour leader and organization have to be   strictly obeyed. Arena Group is not taking any responsibility for undisciplined and damage making behaviour of participants of the tour in any nature.